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An individual membership in AWP offers you opportunities for publishing and networking, services for finding jobs, and a lively exchange of ideas about writing and teaching. Wherever you live, work, and write, we can provide you with support, encouragement, resources, and community. A writer’s career has many chapters, and AWP is here to help you from the first chapter to the last.

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U.S. Residents

  • One year: $75
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  • One year: $85

If you are currently a non-US student in a UNESCO writing program or a MOOC run by the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, please contact AWP’s membership department at (240) 696-7700 or

Individual Membership Benefits

  • Four annual issues of The Writer’s Chronicle. Each issue features essays on the art of writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction; interviews with accomplished writers; and listings of opportunities for grants, awards, and publication. Members also have free access to the Chronicle app.
  • Access to the members-only content on our website, including:
    • The Job List, which offers listings of academic and nonacademic jobs and internships for writers. Every other month, we publish an informative article that provides advice and information on your career options. Our job listings are updated weekly.
    • The Writer’s Calendar, which features information on literary events, publishing opportunities, grants, and awards.
    • Advice on how to conduct your job search.
    • A searchable archive of more than 1,200 articles from The Writer’s Chronicle.
    • Comprehensive information about writing programs, conferences, festivals, centers, retreats, and residencies.
    • Documents useful to teachers and administrators of writing programs.
    • A listing in our Directory of Members, a venue for promoting your work.
  • A discount on AWP Award Series entry fees.
  • A member’s discount on registration to AWP’s Annual Conference & Bookfair.
  • Eligibility to participate in AWP’s Writer to Writer Mentorship Program, a free service that pairs new and established writers.
  • Advocacy on behalf of writers, the art of writing, contemporary literature, and creative writing as an academic discipline. AWP works to support high standards in education, freedom of expression, public funding for the arts, fair tax laws for writers, and other policies helpful to writers, publishers, teachers, and readers.
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Member in the Spotlight
Martha McPhee

Martha McPhee
“Hearing that I have moved a reader is the most powerful compliment. That’s what I want to accomplish after all with my storytelling, take the reader into emotional terrain and have her/him feel it, connect to it viscerally.”