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Reprinted from the February 2020 issue of The Writer's Chronicle

  • The Behaviour of Clocks, prose poems by Sally Ashton. Wordfarm: $18.00 paper.

  • Made Holy, essays by Emily Arnason Casey. University of Georgia Press: $24.95 paper.

  • The Same Moon, a memoir by Sarah Coomber. TouchPoint Press:$17.99 paper.

  • Drowning in the Floating World, poetry by Meg Eden. Press 53: $14.95 paper.

  • Domestic Occupations: Spatial Rhetorics and Women’s Work,by Jessica Enoch. Southern Illinois University Press: $40.00 paper.

  • Trace, poetry by Melanie Figg. New Rivers Press: $17.00 paper.

  • Accidentals, a novel by Susan M. Gaines. Torrey House Press: $18.95 paper.

  • South American Journals: January-July 1960, by Allen Ginsberg. University of Minnesota Press: $29.95 paper.

  • The Now, poetry by Albert Goldbarth. University of Pittsburgh Press: $17.00 paper.

  • American Grief in Four Stages, stories by Sadie Hoagland. West Virginia University Press: $18.99 paper.

  • The Absurd Man, poems by Major Jackson. W.W. Norton & Company. $26.95 paper.

  • The Longer We Were There: A Memoir of a Part-Time Soldier, by Steven Moore. University of Georgia Press: $24.95 paper.

  • Politics and the American Language, reviews, rants, and commentary by William O’Rourke. Welcome Rain Publishers. $18.00 paper.

  • Dispatches from the End of Ice, essays by Beth Peterson. Trinity University Press: $27.95 paper.

  • On Serious Earth: Poetry & Transcendance, criticism by Daniel Tobin. Orison Book: $18.00 paper.


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