Writer to Writer’s Spring 2020 Mentees

AWP celebrates the 30 writers selected to participate in the Spring 2020 session of Writer to Writer. We received hundreds of applications for this session. Mentors were each given several strong applications to choose from and selected their own mentees.

If you would like to apply for a mentor, mentee applications for the Fall 2020 session will be accepted August 1–12, 2020, via Submittable.

  • Denise Rosario Adusei

    Denise Rosario Adusei


    Denise Rosario Adusei is the founding director of Peartree Preschool in Harlem, New York. Her direct experience with educators and children inspires her to write picture book stories that tap into universal preschool- and early-childhood experiences that also educate, and naturalistically represent the diversity she sees at her school and in her community. She earned her BA from Brown University and a master’s from Columbia University. Denise is Cape Verdean, born in Brazil and raised in New England. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and Cape Verdean Creole. Her experiences and culture often slip into her stories.

    Denise Rosario Adusei is working with Janet Wong.

  • Camille Baumann-Jaeger

    Camille Baumann-Jaeger


    Camille Baumann-Jaeger writes science fiction and fantasy for adults and children. Before beginning her career in writing, she received her bachelor of arts in architecture from Barnard College, Columbia University. She then earned a master of science in computational design at Carnegie Mellon University, where she used programming and machine learning to understand user behavior in virtual reality. She is currently finishing a middle-grade fantasy novel that uses elemental magic as a metaphor for climate change. She is French American and lives in Richmond, California, with her black cat (whom she considers her “writing assistant”). Visit her at http://camillebaumannjaeger.com.

    Camille Baumann-Jaeger is working with Diana López.

  • Tony Dallacheisa

    Tony Dallacheisa


    Tony Dallacheisa earned an MA in fiction from Ohio University, and he is a lecturer at Kent State University at Tuscarawas, teaching writing, literature, and graphic novels. Tony’s fiction finds him puzzling over the struggles of blue-collar life, where escapism is both a virtue and a vice, a matter of instinct and intellect, a contentious mode of survival. So often, as a result, his characters find themselves staring at inescapable defeat and welcoming further adversity and trauma.

    Tony Dallacheisa is working with Benjamin Ludwig.

  • Monique Danye

    Monique Danye


    Monique Danye is a writer and nonprofit director living in Dallas, Texas. She was born and raised in Michigan, and her writing contains a mix of midwestern and southern influences. Currently, she is working on a family saga about two sisters, the choices that leave us forever changed, and the lengths we go through to keep our loved ones close. When not writing, Monique can be found doing all the things that mothers do, and eating peanut butter straight out of the jar with a really big spoon.

    Monique Danye is working with Nancy Johnson.

  • Angela Dribben

    Angela Dribben


    Angela Dribben was born to teenage parents doing their absolute best on a tobacco farm in rural Southside Virginia. She followed a family tradition of first-born attending a military high school. As it was primarily male, she tried to balance herself out with a woman’s college. She broke all traditions by marrying six times, only divorcing five. Her poetry and essays can be found or are forthcoming in San Pedro River Review, Motherscope, Crab Creek Review, Crack the Spine, Cirque, Mudfish, New Southern Fugitive, and others. A Bread Loaf alum, she works with patients and caregivers in hospice creating legacy projects.

    Angela Dribben is working with Amorak Huey.

  • Auden Eagerton

    Auden Eagerton


    Auden Eagerton is a nonbinary poet located in Kennesaw, Georgia. They received a bachelor of arts in English at Kennesaw State University. In addition to publishing their own poetry, Eagerton aims to one day become an editor for a literary magazine and be involved in both sides of the publishing process. Their work has been featured in Exhume Literary Journal, Cathexis Northwest Press , LandLocked Magazine , Across the Margin , DASH Literary Journal, The Bookends Review, The Orchards Poetry Journal, and Digging Through the Fat/Digging Press and is upcoming in peculiar, The Meadow, Kudzu , and Swimming with Elephants Press.

    Auden Eagerton is working with Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes.

  • Katherine Fallon

    Katherine Fallon


    Katherine Fallon has lived in ten cities in seven states, working as a grant writer, cheese cutter, barista, and farmhand. She teaches at Georgia Southern University, and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in AGNI , Colorado Review , Juked , Meridian , and Best New Poets 2019 , among others. Her chapbook, The Toothmakers' Daughters , is available through Finishing Line Press. She spends a lot of time thinking and writing about queerness, visibility, and mental health, and shares domestic square footage with two cats, a red-eared slider, two African cichlids, two hens, and her favorite person, who helps her zip her dresses.

    Katherine Fallon is working with Michael Meyerhofer.

  • Emma Ferguson

    Emma Ferguson


    Emma Ferguson writes poetry, translates, and teaches Spanish in Seattle. She holds a BA in Latin American studies from Bard and an MA in Hispanic literature from NYU in Madrid.

    Emma Ferguson is working with Jasmine V. Bailey.


  • Geoffrey Giller

    Geoffrey Giller


    Geoffrey Giller is a writer and photographer originally from Connecticut and currently based in Berlin. His journalistic work, focusing on wildlife and the environment, has appeared in the New York Times, Scientific American, Discover, and other outlets. Currently, he is working on a historical fiction novel.

    Geoffrey Giller is working with Mark Jude Poirier.

  • Jasmine Griffin

    Jasmine Griffin


    Jasmine Griffin Jasmine Griffin is presently at work on her first novel, Blackbird at the Crossroads , which incorporates African mythology, African American folktales, and Southern Crossroads lore. Jasmine was recently published in Eunoia Review , Genre: Urban Arts , Random Sample Review , and Cleaning up Glitter . In 2019, she was awarded an author fellowship to attend the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing Summer Conference. She has recently completed her MA and is pursuing her MFA in the Maslow Family Graduate Creative Writing Program at Wilkes University. A Cincinnati native, she resides in Amelia, Ohio, with her familiars, tabby cats Honey and Oliver.

    Jasmine Griffin is working with Maisy Card.

  • Viggy Parr Hampton

    Viggy Parr Hampton


    Viggy Parr Hampton, MPH, is a health care researcher and consultant. She has published scientific papers, research reports, and expert insights on topics ranging from in vitro meat to hospital facility planning. Whenever she’s not in her cubicle, she’s creating fictional worlds to take herself and her readers along on adventures. Her fiction has been published in After Dinner Conversation, and her art was featured on the cover of the Fall 2019 Tulane Review.

    Viggy Parr Hampton is working with Tyler Dilts.

  • Michaeljulius Y. Idani

    Michaeljulius Y. Idani


    Michaeljulius Y. Idani is an Atlanta-based writer of fictions. His work has been supported by the Hurston/Wright Foundation, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, A Cappella Books, and For Keeps Book Shop. He is a proud graduate of Hillman College and member of Kappa Lambda Nu Fraternity.

    Michaeljulius Y. Idani is working with Rita Woods.

  • Laura Jenkins

    Laura Jenkins

    Creative Nonfiction

    Laura Jenkins began her professional writing career as a music journalist. After earning a BA in english, writing, and rhetoric from St. Edwards University in 2010, she refocused her career on literary journalism, features, and essays. Her work regularly appears in Kirkus Reviews and has been published in The Guardian, Narratively, and numerous other lifestyle/travel magazines. In addition to writing, Laura is also a professional photographer. She’s currently working on a hybrid memoir about how powerfully the stories we believe shape the contour of our lives. For more info visit http://laurajenkinswriter.com.

    Laura Jenkins is working with Emily Maloney.

  • Ellen Kazimer

    Ellen Kazimer


    Ellen Kazimer is a Connecticut Yankee by birth and sensibility. She lives with her husband along the Savannah River in Georgia. A former educator for adults and children, Navy veteran, fundraiser, all-around volunteer, and mother, she writes stories for and about both ends of the age spectrum. She has an MFA in writing for children and young adults from Hamline University and an MS in operations research. Her work has been published in O-Dark-Thirty , the literary journal of the Veterans Writing Project and Blaze Magazine, For Horse Crazy Kids .

    Ellen Kazimer is working with Lisa C. Taylor.

  • Linda E. Keyes

    Linda E. Keyes


    Linda E. Keyes is a writer and emergency physician in Boulder, Colorado. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Literary Review , The Common , Hippocampus , and elsewhere. She has been recognized by Glimmer Train’s Honorable Mention, the ACEP Medical Humanities award, and the Fish Flash Fiction Prize long-list. When she is not working, she is skiing, trekking or climbing in the mountains with her family. On Twitter @LindaKeyesMD.

    Linda E. Keyes is working with Nan Cuba.

  • Nicole Kuruszko

    Nicole Kuruszko


    Nicole Kuruszko is a staff contract specialist at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. She holds a master’s degree in international affairs from The New School and a bachelor’s degree in political science and German from Drew University. With fluency in Polish and a passion for traveling, she has interned twice at the US State Department. Nicole resides in Brooklyn and is currently at work writing her first young adult novel on the life of Irena Sendler.

    Nicole Kuruszko is working with Jennifer Steil.

  • Hadley Leggett

    Hadley Leggett


    Hadley Leggett lives and writes in Seattle, Washington. Her winding career path has included degrees in medicine, biochemistry, and science journalism, before she finally found her home in fiction. When she’s not chasing after her three children, she’s working on the final draft of her first novel. Hadley’s work has appeared at Literary Mama, 50-Word Stories , and Wired.com , and she’s a fiction reader at Longleaf Review. You can find her online at hadley.ink or on Twitter @hadl.

    Hadley Leggett is working with Amanda Niehaus.

  • McKenzie Long

    McKenzie Long

    Creative Nonfiction

    McKenzie Long is a rock climber, graphic designer, and writer who lives in the Sierra Nevada. She has co-authored two climbing guidebooks and won first place in Nowhere Magazine’s 2018 writing contest about public land. Her book about America’s controversial national monuments is forthcoming from University of Minnesota Press. Three of her favorite things are strong coffee with cream, bright color palettes, and smooth sandstone cracks.

    McKenzie Long is working with Kathryn Aalto.

  • Wynter K. Miller

    Wynter K. Miller


    Wynter K. Miller is a writer and editor. She currently lives in San Francisco and can be found at http://wyntermiller.com.

    Wynter K. Miller is working with R.L. Maizes.



  • Bertha Munuku

    Bertha Munuku


    Bertha Munuku was born and grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. She currently resides in Texas, where she works as a zookeeper at the Dallas Zoo. She graduated with a bachelor of science degree in biology at Texas Tech University. She has always had a fascination with fiction writing and had three of her short stories published in Harbinger , the Texas Tech literary journal. Passionate about conservation biology as well as short story writing, she hopes to demonstrate that the sciences and the arts are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

    Bertha Munuku is working with Lex Williford.

  • Emi Nietfeld

    Emi Nietfeld

    Creative Nonfiction

    Emi Nietfeld is a writer and software engineer from Minnesota, living in New York City. She graduated from Harvard in 2015, where she studied computer science and won the Freshman Poetry Prize. Her essays appear in Longreads, Vice, and The Rumpus. This year, she won the Boulevard Nonfiction Contest for Emerging Writers and will be a writer-in-residence at Hedgebrook.

    Emi Nietfeld is working with Donna Freitas.

  • Melissa Nigro

    Melissa Nigro


    Melissa Nigro is a queer writer from California in search of a place to call home. They currently live in Minneapolis, where they do graphic design and volunteer at Boneshaker Books, a collective bookstore. They are a 2018 Lambda Literary Fellow, and their fiction has appeared in The Knicknackery and Emerge: The 2018 Lambda Fellows Anthology . Learn more about them at http://melissanigro.com.

    Melissa Nigro is working with John Elizabeth Stintzi.

  • Chris Norton

    Chris Norton


    Chris Norton is a cybernetic organism originally created to subvert your thoughts and feelings. However, his developers realized while he was still in beta in Shreveport, Louisiana, that he was really only interested in telling stories. He was let loose to run amok, on the sole condition that he would never again challenge the future of humanity. Chris now lives in Wheaton, Illinois, where he devotes his powers entirely to his freelance writing business, to helping people understand each other through storytelling—and to other peaceful purposes.

    Chris Norton is working with Paul Pedroza.

  • Rachael Philipps-Shapiro

    Rachael Philipps-Shapiro


    Rachael Philipps-Shapiro is a British writer and journalist. She worked in the UK as a researcher and reporter for the BBC Food and Drink program and in print journalism as an editor at Time Out London and Elle UK . She moved to the US and freelanced for titles including Food and Wine , Time Out NY , and the New York Times . Most recently she has written for Edible Westchester . She was born in Wales and moved to the US fifteen years ago. Rachael received her BA and MA at Sussex University. She currently lives in Westchester, New York.

    Rachael Philipps-Shapiro is working with Richard Terrill.

  • Gretchen Potter

    Gretchen Potter


    Gretchen Potter is a writer, educator, and citizen of the Tonawanda Seneca. She's a 2019 Tin House Summer Workshop alum and soon-to-be Hedgebrook resident. She's querying with Barren Creek , a collection of linked stories that pushes against Indigenous invisibility. Her middle grade novel, Shadowland , follows the adventures of a Seneca girl through a dimension where Iroquois stories and legendary creatures live. Her picture book, The Girl Whose Stories Came True , is forthcoming from Lee & Low Books in 2021. She lives in Southern California with her three children, two cats, and (shh) two rats.

    Gretchen Potter is working with David Heska Wanbli Weiden.

  • Amy Sugeno

    Amy Sugeno

    Creative Nonfiction

    Amy Sugeno is a mental health therapist, mindfulness teacher, and former wildlife biologist. A life-long outdoor lover, she has tracked rattlesnakes in dusty deserts and taught people to meditate in mossy forests. Amy lives outside of Austin in the dry and rocky Texas Hill Country. Her essays have appeared in Glassworks and Sisyphus, with another essay forthcoming in the Spring 2020 issue of Leaping Clear. Amy is currently working on a collection of creative nonfiction essays about nature, mindfulness, and adoption.

    Amy Sugeno is working with Leslie Schwartz.

  • Laura Paul Watson

    Laura Paul Watson


    Laura Paul Watson lives and writes in Pine, Colorado. She is a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Florida. Her work has appeared in journals such as Poetry Northwest, AGNI, the Massachusetts Review, and Conduit , among others. When not writing poetry, she works as a general contractor, remodeling homes with her husband in the Denver area.

    Laura Paul Watson is working with Callista Buchen.

  • Holly M. Wendt

    Holly M. Wendt


    Holly M. Wendt is director of creative writing at Lebanon Valley College and recipient of a Robert and Charlotte Baron Fellowship for Creative and Performing Artists from the American Antiquarian Society and a fellowship from the Jentel Foundation. Their writing has appeared in Barrelhouse , Memorious , Baseball Prospectus, Bodies Built for Game: The Prairie Schooner Anthology of Contemporary Sports Writing , and elsewhere. Learn more at http://hollymwendt.com.

    Holly M. Wendt is working with Lucy Ferriss.

  • Tori Weston

    Tori Weston

    Creative Nonfiction

    Tori Weston is a writer/artist living in Somerville, Massachusetts. She received her MFA in creative writing from Emerson College and oversees their Art & Communication Pre-College Program. Her work has been published in the Providence Journal-Bulletin , Sleet Magazine , Memoir Magazine , and Under the Gum Tree . She has also been featured on the podcast Risk and featured in the book about the podcast titled: Risk: True Stories People Never Thought They’d Dare to Share. Learn more at ToriWestonWriterArtist.com.

    Tori Weston is working with Lily Hoang.

  • Ann Wilberton

    Ann Wilberton

    Creative Nonfiction

    Ann Wilberton is a writer and visual artist. She worked as a librarian for over twenty years in public and academic libraries. While a Children's Lit Fellow at Stony Brook University, she completed a YA manuscript about a queer hockey player and her day-to-day struggles with brain injury and is now sending out queries. She is currently working on a second YA novel and a memoir. She lives in Rhode Island.

    Ann Wilberton is working with Lara Lillibridge.

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